Doctoring machine/Coil Rewinder


Doctoring Machine / Coil Rewinder omni wind 600
Kalpvrux has a high performance Doctoring Machine/Coil Rewinder for correcting tension related defects, edge profile & doctoring of finished products

Need of the Machine
In Flexible packaging industry slitter operators and materials aren’t always perfect. Slitted rolls are sometimes wound with undesirable defects, resulting in a wasted roll.
Kalpvrux rewinder equipment ensures that converter will minimize waste – turning inventory of poor rolls into profits.
Kalpvrux specializes in high-performance reversible Doctoring Machine, that are ideal for rewinding of narrow slit finished reels and can reduce rewind times by more than 70-90 %
A reversible machine allows operators to maintain the print direction without running the roll more than once.

Shrink Sleeve Doctoring Machine INS 300
Kalpvrux has designed the specialized concept for Doctoring Machine for Shrink Sleeve which is very important for converters who are focused on Quality supply to their customer.

Need of the Machine
Every shrink label reels must be inspected before its dispatch to customers. Shrink label reels needs to be checked for sealing of the glue & some of the coil becomes telescopic because of improper Quality of core or improper winding tension.

Application of Sleeve Doctoring Machine

Sealing Quality check for the sleeve after gluing
Reconditioning & finishing winding Quality of shrink label reel
Reversing the print orientation
Doctoring of the reel