Kohli range of Coating and Lamination machines are engineered with state-of-the-art technology for high quality production of a wide range of flexible packaging materials : from light weight films to medium weight paper, laminates and aluminum foil.

All coating and lamination machines offer various in-line processes such as : Register cold seal application on pre-printed material, Register Lamination of two pre-printed materials, Lamination of three substrates in one pass, Rotogravure printing.

With a modular design concept and operator friendly design all coating and lamination machines offer precise coat weight accuracy and a very high level of drying efficiency.

Using various coating technologies Kohli can design and build a coating and laminating machine for any specific process and application.

Range of coating and laminating machines :

  • Solvent & Water based Dry Lamination
  • Solventless Lamination
  • Combination of Solvent & Solventless Lamination
  • Water based Wet Lamination
  • Lamination of three substrates in one pass
  • In-Register cold seal application
  • In-Register coating
  • Hot melt coating

Special Features :

  • Shaftless unwind and rewind units.
  • Turret unwind and rewind units with automatic splicing for non stop production.
  • Sleeve type pressure and transfer rollers for on-the-press, tool less change of rubber sleeves without web removal and release of web tension.
  • Light weight interchangeable trolleys complete with lacquer tray, tank and pump.
  • Sturdy and versatile doctor blade group allows easy and accurate adjustment of the doctoring position for the complete range of coating roller circumference.
  • Depending on the application we can provide an enclosed chambered blade assembly.

Technical data :