Reel Unloading


Alpha 1000 / Alpha 2000
Kalpvrux consider Reel Handling as separate discipline which contributes to efficiency & productivity . We have many options available with advanced automation. We can customize the Reel handling system based on customer requirement.

Alpha 1000
-Purpose of the equipment is to clear off the wound reels, from the rewinding machine for further processes, so that the original purpose of the rewinding machine is reinstated fast.
-Suitable for retrofitting on most brands of stack type of duplex center rewinding machines.
Looping of the health status of Alpha 1000 to the rewinding machine Emergency stop status in series with the rewinding machine Capability to be fed back the rewind diameters of the main machine
-Clears the wound reels from the winding location to the unloading location by 90°
-Lowers the reels to palette level.