Kohli range of slitting machines are engineered to handle a wide range of flexible materials : from light weight films to medium weight paper, label stock and laminates.

With an operator friendly design all slitting machines offer precise cutting accuracy and a high level of productivity.

All slitting machines offer various options such as : integral unwind reel stand, separate floor standing unwind reel stand, splice table, inspection table and overhead webpath.

Range of slitting machines :

  • Zeus 188 (AR 450)
  • Zeus 188 (AR 108)

Special Features :

  • Shaftless unwind unit with or without the provision for floor lifting of reels.
  • Razor in air, Razor in groove & Rotary shear slitting options.
  • Laser light indication for proper rewind core positioning during changeovers.
  • Safety area scanner at unwind and rewind units – as per CE regulations.

Technical data :